Hangzhou Tieliu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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Franchise rights:
Business guidance: provide professional business management guidance, provide modern management models and successful experience.
Brand sharing: franchisees can enjoy the Tie Liu brand effect with the company headquarters.
Qualification performance: Tie Liu company has strong performance support and continuous improvement of the qualification system.
Professional training: Headquarters provides professional and technical personnel courses on a regular or irregular basis, free training, preferential access to supporting projects and new products.
Regional protection: implement regional quota development, exclusive authorization, and regional protection system. Formal power of attorney, exquisite franchise plaque provided by headquarters.
Advertising support: When franchised stores in various places open, they can obtain various advertising materials provided by the headquarters, and enjoy ultra-low-cost promotional materials and equipment tools for a long time. The headquarters provides regular or irregular sets of operation manuals, product manuals, and CI manuals to enjoy regular exchanges of internal publications.
Supporting services: enjoy convenient and fast technology, distribution and after-sales network services.
Value-added services: preferential preferential access to the regional agency rights of its auto parts products.

Join conditions:
1. A natural or legal person holding a valid certificate of the People's Republic of China; agrees with the concept of Tieli Auto Parts and can reach a consensus with Tieli's business philosophy and development ideas;
2. Franchisees are optimistic about the prospects of the auto parts industry, have confidence and positive optimism about the brand of "Tieli Auto Parts", and have good interpersonal communication skills and cooperation awareness;
3. Have good credit and social relations, have certain economic strength, business management capabilities and risk awareness;
4. Pursue success, eager to make a difference in the auto parts industry, love customer service, are willing to devote themselves wholeheartedly, and have long-term business plans;
5. With management and marketing experience, you can master the basic knowledge of the auto parts industry in a short time, and are willing to continuously receive training to improve yourself.

Joining steps:
1. Obtain the information of joining
2. Consultation on joining
3. Two-way inspection: Franchise inspects the company, and the company inspects the franchisee
4. The two sides discuss the joining matters
5. Sign the contract
6. The company provides store design solutions and cost estimates
7. Affiliate execution: store decoration, staff training, iron flow accessories
8. Opening promotion and publicity
9. Long-term supply and operation guidance